Acu-Yoga Workshop (an Airbnb experience)

Enlivening Acu-Yoga Airbnb Experience

What we’ll do

Welcome to my Acu-Yoga workshop in my beautiful healing yurt!  In this workshop, I will guide you into yoga postures and stretches while you will be simultaneously holding acupressure points that stimulate endorphins or “feel good” hormones, so you can experience deep relaxation, release stress, anxiety and tension. Consequently, you can experience more joy, harmony and vitality. Acu-yoga is an ancient technique that enhances the flow of your prana, chi or life force, so you have more energy and you enhance your longevity!

Over the 90-minute workshop, I will also guide you through breathing and meditation practices that will leave you in a state of bliss and revitalize your mind, body and spirit. For the last 15 minutes of the workshop, I will serve my special yummy Ayurvedic Yogi tea and I will go over an Acupressure point guide that you can take home with you to continue to practice for self-care and healing.

Where we will meet
You need to provide your own transportation. We are located in Portland off of Hwy 84 E on the 102nd Ave exit. Please meet me inside the yurt once on the property. You can park in front of our house or on the driveway on the far left-hand or right-hand side leaving the middle of the driveway open. My home is yellow and the yurt is green and on the far left-hand side of the house. Map it!

Where we will be
I will conduct the Acu-Yoga workshop in my yurt, which is at my home in NE Portland. Yurts are circular tent-like structures that originally come from Mongolia and are known for their ability to elevate consciousness and evoke healing and positive energy.

When do we meet?
Check the Airbnb schedule for the next workshop.

What does it cost?
Admission is $45 per person.

What to bring:

  • water bottle
  • comfortable clothes for yoga
  • notebook and a pen

Additional details
Please refrain from eating a meal at least one hour before the workshop. Message me with any health concerns. Beginners to yoga and acupressure are welcome and it’s meant for all levels. Take care!

Jaynie Farnsworth

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