Client Testimonials

“Jaynie is one of the most caring practitioners of bodywork that I know.”

Being a bodyworker myself and pretty picky about who I work with, I jumped at the chance to receive the healing I needed with Jaynie. I have worked with her several times and always come away with a profound sense of peace and openness. My tightness and aches magically go away-I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone as dedicated to health as Jaynie. If you are looking to feel supported physically and beyond, you owe it to yourself to book a session with her and see for yourself what’s possible!

Anya Drapkin, My Oasis for Healing

“Jaynie has a deep sense of integrity and purpose.”

Jaynie is a rare blend of intuitive healer, teacher, spiritualist, therapist and athlete.  These multidisciplinary skills coupled with Jaynie’s deep sense of creativity, integrity and purpose about her work translates into an experience that goes far beyond traditional bodywork. She has had a profound effect on me on many levels. Working with Jaynie, I have learned more than I can imagine about myself, not only physically but also spiritually and psychologically. In addition, I’ve felt much more awareness and connection to my body through her work. Jaynie has a profound ability to make me feel comfortable and at peace in my own body – qualities that are not easily achieved. I enthusiastically recommend Jaynie.


“Jaynie’s deep stillness is a gift!”

Jaynie’s presence has a deep stillness that allows the medicine of her Jin Shin Jyutsu work to pass easily to her patients.  I found that seeing her during the stress of chemotherapy allowed my nervous system to finally rest, and that her stillness seemed to invite my own in a way I had not been able to find otherwise. She was generous in transmitting self-help tools, (especially useful in the middle of the night!), and is clearly committed to aligning with each patient’s own capacity to heal.  I have deep gratitude for her work with me.


“Jaynie is nurturing and knowledgeable.”

Jaynie is the best at her craft, nurturing, and sympathetic to the bodies needs. She is a pleasure to work with, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the body.
JM/ W.C., CA

“Jaynie’s has an awesome healing spirit!”

I have not had bodywork done that well since my accident in the Marine Corps in 1984 and I went through 26 Rolfing sessions. I was very relaxed when I left yesterday and once my head hit the pillow last night, I was out. My legs have always been tight since the accident and the stretching she did, made a difference already. The acupressure was the best part! Jaynie really has an awesome healing spirit to just stand or sit in one place applying light continuous pressure like that. I felt very nurtured and cared for by that practice. I will definitely return for more sessions.”

Jim Gooch

“Jaynie is caring and professional.”

Jaynie is an amazing and empathetic healer. She is intuitive, skilled, caring and professional. I highly recommend her.

Mark S

“Jaynie’s yoga class is a rich experience.”

I have become a regular at Jaynie’s Kundilini yoga class and I look forward to going every week. She has a thorough knowledge of her yoga practice and gives her students a rich experience. I leave every class feeling stronger and more centered. Great for all levels of yoga skill.

Cassidy B

“I felt deeply cared for.”

My experience with Jaynie’s healing modalities is very beneficial. I received advice and treatment from her in two capacities: 1) acupressure and 2) ayurvedic medicine. In both sessions, I felt listened to, and deeply cared for as she specialized the treatments to meet my needs. I felt her presence and skills helped me to begin healing myself.

Megan M

“Jaynie is intuitive!”

Just had acupressure massage from Jaynie focusing on a nasty area of my trapezius that just wouldn’t stop aching. After the hour and a half session, I felt relief for the first time in weeks. Jaynie is intuitive, goes right to problem, and knows what she’s doing. Highly recommended as a body worker.

Barry G